Want to avoid painful fighting?
    Avoid expensive, outdated therapy?
    Managed care has taken over the practice of medicine and therapy so people are making money off your suffering and there is not an incentive to give current knowledge. Practicing therapy over 22 years, I absolutely know there are great outcomes from working through wounds. However, it's essential you first know your love personality differences. Have seen thousands marriages and parent-child relationships saved from this!
  2. 5 Love Languages
    What is your love language?
    What is your spouse or child's language?
    Take the 5 Love Languages test here and watch communication and love at home go to a new level.
  3. Personality Plus and HSP Test
    What is your basic personality?
    How are you different than others?
    People commonly confuse personality differences and the outcome is screaming, shouting, or total withdrawal. There is a better way! Personality Plus Quiz: Highly Sensitive Person Test: