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About Me
Hi I'm Dr. Neera Darvish.

My decision to become Christian after a life of secular Hinduism as a liberal California doctor and university professor, led to persecution and the unique challenges of providing for my children's household as a single mother.

God blessed me with world leaders in business training me that there is a way out of the financial rat race.  These mentors and the mentor up above, gave me the skills for both personal and professional success.
Thanks to God, divine mentors and 22 plus years of clinical training in psychology, I created the dream life with both personal and professional success.  I am happily married, love my husband, have four gorgeous children, and four puppies to match.  Most importantly, I have the love of Christ in me and desire to help others who want to fulfill their dreams.  I learned with the help from the one above, even financially struggling single mothers overcoming domestic violence could become business world leaders.
When I retired at a young age, from following the righteous path, and world leaders, I realized anyone from any background can gain financial freedom.  My goal is to see you find your freedom and live the dreams God intended you to live.  I devoted my life to the ministry of seeing people succeed.
Being successful requires growing in all facets of your life. That's why this is a dynamic website with different areas listed.

My current passion is Making Money in the New Global Currency.  Not only is global currency the money maker of the future, the potential for saving lives is truly astronomical.

Though I have many areas I invest in helping people with, geting the truth out about making money in global currency and avoiding deceptive pitfalls is where my heart is.

My heart was touched in 6th grade when I got off the airplane in New Delhi, India and was surrounded by starving children my age.  The young girl my age, no shoes, dirt all over her face, carrying and taking care of a little infant on her side hip, begging for food, is an image that haunted me for years. I secretly contributed to stop the hunger and starvation of child globally from that day onward.

I was stunned at how well global currency feeds hungry and starving children also. I am determined to see the charitable giving aspect of global currency wealth generation explode. A portion of my book proceeds go toward feeding hungry children.